Our ice cream carts at Alexandra Park, nr Wood Green.
(Circa 1910)

Historical Facts

Robert Bennett was the eldest of eight children and was encouraged to leave the family smallholding to support himself as soon as he was able.

Robert started his first dairy business at the turn of the 19th century in White Hart Lane, Tottenham. In order to supply his customers with fresh milk, he purchased his milk from Derbyshire, which was delivered by train. He also kept and milked cows in West Ham.

During the First World War his eldest son Norman, took the Kings shilling in Trafalgar Square which took him to the Tank Corps in Flanders while his younger son Stanley joined the Royal Naval Air Service.

In 1918, Robert Bennett decided to move to the country buying Manor Farm in Worcestershire, which is situated in the river meadows of the Severn Valley.

He saw the opportunity to start a dairy business and replaced the Beef and Hops with a dairy herd that his son Stanley bought from Ayrshire.

Stanley Bennett entered local politics and during his period in office as Mayor of Worcester he was able to grant the Freedom of the City to Winston Churchill and extended the invitation to visit the farm.

In 1965, Stanley’s son John took over the business and expanded it. During this time, he started the ice cream manufacturing which has now been in operation for over 30 years.