We pride ourselves on producing traditional dairy ice cream.

The Bennetts Family 

We are extremely proud of our heritage at Bennetts. From the 1890’s to the present day we have accumulated over 100 years of family history in the dairying, farming and ice cream making business. Tradition and an uncompromising commitment to quality are the bedrock of our family values.

The Bennetts family heritage started with the birth of Robert Bennett in St Ives in 1870. He was a remarkably hard working Cornishman and his success enabled him to buy Manor Farm in Worcestershire in 1918. Together with his son Stanley he started dairy farming, which is now in the hands of the Christopher and Tristan, 4th and 5th generation respectively.

His grandson John Bennett had a lifetime in the dairy business and in 1982 his enthusiasm for new ventures led to the beginning of our ice cream business. Robert’s great-grandson Keith was tasked with creating a traditional ice cream with farmhouse recipes and production facilities. Together with Duncan, another great-grandson, Bennetts ice cream has earned a reputation for excellence in both quality and taste, using natural flavours and ingredients.